Synopsis Book 3 Land Of Hope

A family torn apart by persecution. A country’s global power play. Will England’s ruler turn their reunion attempt into a desperate bid for survival?

New York, 1689. Jacob Delpech thinks day and night about his wife and child. He’s determined to reunite with his family in London, but New York’s brutal winter deep-freeze has ruined his carefully laid plans. With transport across the Atlantic at a standstill and European politics on the verge of upheaval, his chances of ever making it home grow slimmer by the day…

Snowbound in Switzerland, Jeanne Delpech’s heart aches for a loving reunion with her husband. To make it back to London, she and her son must travel across extremely treacherous terrain. But the biggest obstacle between her and Jacob’s embrace may be the journey through dangerous enemy territory…

When England’s new king triggers fresh battles with France and her allies, the family’s plan to reunite falls into ruin. As both husband and wife begin their hazardous trek to London, war creates an impossible chasm between them. Will Jacob and Jeanne reunite, or will religious persecution tear their family asunder forever?

Land of Hope is the conclusion to the riveting Huguenot Connection historical fiction trilogy. If you like rich, bustling history, fast-paced action, and characters facing brutal hardships, then you’ll love Paul C. R. Monk’s compelling novel. 

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