About the Author

Paul C.R. Monk grew up in the south east of England then spent many years living in France with a 3-year stint in Spain. More recently, he has been spending time in North America and China. He trained as a linguist, and worked for 9 years as a teacher before becoming a script writer on scores of video game projects from indie to AAA titles, winning a nomination at the Writers Guild of America Awards for outstanding writing.

He is currently working on a historical fiction series of novels, which follows the true story of a merchant family during the world-shaking drama of Louis XIV’s revocation of religious tolerance.

The Huguenot Chronicles trilogy, which includes Merchants of Virtue, Voyage of Malice and Land of Hope, takes the reader from King Louis's France to the Caribbean, and from London to colonial New York, with drama-filled stops in the Rhine Valley and war-torn Ireland...

He has also penned a novel set in contemporary China titled Love in a Forbidden City.