What does the cross and the dove on the trilogy covers stand for?

Of course, they represent the Huguenot cross. It first came about in 1688 after the religious persecution under Louis 14th of France, which is when the trilogy is set.

Notice how, between the arms of the cross, the four fleur-de-lis or lily flowers—which here signify the Four Gospels—create an empty space beneath them that look like four hearts. Pretty, isn't it? Each flower has three petals which make up 12 in all and are said to symbolize the Twelve Apostles.

But what does the dove represent?

Well, when it's represented in flight with its wings deployed it's a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Because it’s so pretty, it’s also used today in jewelry. So if you’ve got one, be proud to wear it because it’s ultimately both a symbol of religious freedom and of democracy. It’s fitting that George Washington was of Huguenot ancestry, isn't it?

More recently, it was worn as a symbol of resistance on an insignia for free France and Resistance fighters during WWII.

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