Love In A Forbidden City

Love In A Forbidden City

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He's a heart-weary game writer. She's a cutthroat headhuntress. When their lips touch, will their affections survive a global pandemic?

Colin Friar’s world sorely needs an update. Divorced and driven Far East from his London home by heartbreak, the once-aspirational video game writer has resorted to penning unfulfilling mobile apps. So he figures he’s got nothing to lose when an unexpected offer arrives from an enchanting and familiar face…

Lin poured all her entrepreneurial acumen into creating a near-perfect life. But with societal perceptions deeming she’s past her prime and love continuing to elude her, the distinguished recruiter turns to ancient Chinese divination in desperation. And the stars align in surprising fashion when a meeting with an Englishman and potential recruit transforms into a delightfully tender evening… and a breathtaking kiss.

Forced to put the mask back on his heart all too quickly and book a plane home, Colin curses the universe for pulling them apart so painfully soon. And Lin is torn between the Brit and the wealthy Chinese businessman her parents prefer until the spread of COVID-19 cancels all flights, throwing her together with the tempting foreigner into an intimate lockdown.

Has divine destiny’s viral intervention engineered the ideal happily ever after?

Love in a Forbidden City is a touching and hopeful contemporary romance. If you like soulful characters, stirring drama, and meaningful bonds in our modern era, then you’ll adore Paul C. R. Monk’s moving story of love during a pandemic.

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