Strange Metamorphosis

Strange Metamorphosis

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A talented boy. A transformative choice. Even small journeys can have epic consequences…

This Literary Classics Award-winning novel is “an engaging, clever YA adventure about a boy’s journey into young adulthood.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Marcel faces a life-changing decision. He can play it safe with a job at a neighboring estate or take his chances at a prestigious Parisian university. Torn between following his heart or stepping into his father’s footsteps, Marcel takes the wisdom of an enchanted tree… and promptly shrinks to the size of an insect.

Marcel must enlist the help of the bugs he once captured to survive the world below the tree roots. A jokester inchworm, a strong-willed beetle, and a rouge honeybee are his only friends on a treacherous journey. To find the cure for his condition, he must traverse a dangerous meadow and infiltrate a buzzing hive. But time is running short, and if Marcel doesn’t find the cure, he may never grow up…

Strange Metamorphosis is an award-winning YA fantasy adventure. If you like action-packed coming-of-age stories, hilarious characters, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love Paul C.R. Monk’s whimsical tale.

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