Voyage of Malice ~ Book 2

Voyage of Malice ~ Book 2

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Persecuted for their beliefs, one family must travel the globe for a place to call home…

Geneva, 1688. Jeanne is barely scraping by on meager earnings from weaving. She dreams of her previous life as a wealthy merchant’s wife before Louis XIV’s soldiers ran her family out of France for refusing to renounce their faith. But even in Geneva, Jeanne and her son aren’t anywhere close to free from persecution…

Jacob hopes his letters make it to Jeanne from the other side of the ocean. As he bides his time as an indentured servant on a Caribbean plantation, tragedy strikes in the form of shipwreck and pirates. The former merchant desperately searches for a way back to his wife…

If Jeanne and Jacob can’t rise above a world that’s closing all its doors, then they may never be reunited again…

Voyage of Malice is the second book in the Huguenot Connection, a trilogy of historical fiction novels set during a time of religious persecution. If you like vividly accurate historical details, seafaring adventures, and heartwarming tales of family loyalty, then you’ll love Paul C.R. Monk’s rousing novel.

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