May Stuart

May Stuart

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She’s done spying. He’s tired of his privateer pretence. Up to their necks in murderers, can they flee the open seas for a chance at love?

Port-de-Paix, 1691. May Stuart is ready to start a new life with her young daughter. No longer content with her role as an English spy and courtesan, she gains passage on a merchant vessel under a false identity. But her journey to collect her beloved child is thrown off course when ruthless corsairs raid their ship.

Former French Lieutenant Didier Ducamp fears he’s lost his moral compass. After the deaths of his wife and daughter, he sank to carrying out terrible deeds as a pirate. But when he spares a beautiful hostage from his bloody-minded fellow sailors, he never expected his noble act would become the catalyst for a rich new future.

In return for his kindness, May offers them both an escape with a reward of hidden plunder. But ripples of war, cannibalistic natives, and backstabbing booty-hunters are waiting to tear them apart on the shores…

Can May and Didier set sail for a prosperous life together, or will they face betrayal at the sword-points of their cutthroat crew mates?

May Stuart is a standalone novel set in the world of the thrilling Huguenot Chronicles trilogy of historical novels. If you enjoy unlikely romance, period-authentic details, and rip-roaring tales of redemption, then you’ll love Paul C.R. Monk’s tale on the high seas

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